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Packing Hints

When packing yourself you can be sure that the materials supplied by Centurions Removals are of the highest quality.

To ensure a safe journey of the contents packed, please follow these simple rules:
  • Line the bottom of each carton with crushed paper to create a cushioning layer to depth of 5 centimetres. Repeat this at the top of each carton
  • All empty spaces should be filled with crushed paper to avoid unnecessary movement
  • Stow heavy items on the bottom and lightest on the top
  • Bundle like items, e.g. plates by wrapping the individually, then group together in bundles of no more than six
  • When placing bundles in cartons, remember the long side is the strong side, keeping all items vertical
  • Pack like items together, avoid packing glassware with china etc
  • Pack books into book and wine cartons placing bundles on their edge For additional packing tips or answers to your questions please us on 04 2358 9576.

Removal Insurance

During a local removal within the New South Wales, the risk of damage when using a recognised, competent removalist like Centurions Removals is minimal and you may decide that the cost of insurance is not warranted.

For complete peace of mind our vehicles have an insurance coverage for their contents against fire, collision and overturn to the value of $500,000.00 to guard against the possibility of our vehicles being involved in an accident whilst carrying your precious possessions.

If you require additional insurance please contact our office for assistance. Centurions Removals uses and recommends Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. For more information, visit

NOTE: Please also consult your current home contents insurance as they may include removals under your existing policy.

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Central Coast Furniture Removals

Central Coast Furniture Removals